Video Series!

Video Series!


“The pandemic decimated our program as we knew it.”

- Shannon Kelley, Skills Coordinator for Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit

“Digitability has helped us realign and redefine our goals in the sense that we have refreshed our mission."

- Shannon Kelley, Skills Coordinator for Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit

In This Episode

When the pandemic took away previously established partnerships for trainees at Goodwill of Greater Detroit, leaders within the organization took the opportunity to redefine the goals of their Skill Building Program to build back stronger. Skills Coordinator Shannon Kelley is using Digitability to prepare students for current and future employment by equipping them with the digital skills commonly used in the workplace.

About Digitability

Digitability is the only scalable, STEM-focused transition model that continues to be recognized as an innovative solution to the unemployment crisis facing a large — and growing — population of those with disabilities, such as Autism, Intellectual Disability, or Down Syndrome.

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