Video Series!

Video Series!


Whether it’s Your First Year or Your 30th Year Teaching, Digitability Has Your Back

Every teacher remembers the challenges they faced in their early years. Megan French, a Life Skills teacher in the Black Horse Pike Regional School District, used Digitability in her first year to help take the guesswork out of planning and prepping. Digitability provides all of its teachers with lesson plans, print-ready and digital resources. Along with lessons and resources, each teacher has access to an Implementation Coach who can support them in meeting the diverse needs of their students. 

Whether you’re in your first year or a seasoned teacher, your success is important to us. The Digitability team reviews all of the requests submitted by our teachers working internationally to identify how we can enhance our offerings and ensure that teachers have the tools they need to successfully teach and manage their classrooms no matter what the situation is.

About Digitability

Digitability is the only scalable, STEM-focused transition model that continues to be recognized as an innovative solution to the unemployment crisis facing a large — and growing — population of those with disabilities, such as Autism, Intellectual Disability, or Down Syndrome. This is the lesson new Digitability students in 2021 are seeing to introduce them to our award-winning program.

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