How It Works

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You’re busy. Let us help!

Every teacher gets year-long access to a Digitability coach who will ensure that teachers feel comfortable and confident while implementing Digitability.

Teacher Benefits

Year-long Access to Implementation Coaching

Every teacher works with a personal coach to support classroom facilitation. Coaches are proactive and schools can also request support as often as needed!

Start a New Program

with Ease

The best way to learn a curriculum is by implementing it. We make sure that teachers are not overwhelmed with a lot of information and feel comfortable getting started.

Reduced Teacher Planning

All lesson plans are already pre-written, scripted, differentiated, and include a three-tiered system of modified resources. Your Coach will help you navigate all resources so you feel comfortable and confident implementing lessons.

IEP Tools Included!

Monitoring the progress of a wide range of individual student goals can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s why Digitability designed a system that makes the IEP process easier!

We’re Teachers Too!

Coaches are former Special Education teachers who worked in classrooms just like yours and can support the unique needs of students, teachers, and support staff. 

Coach Collaboration

Your Implementation Coach is there to reduce your stress and help customize projects and systems to fit the needs of your classroom. Teachers can schedule a call with their Coach to brainstorm solutions to any barriers or for help with creating custom curriculum resources. 

Professional Development

Coaches work to empower every teacher with new technology skills, the best, evidence-based practices and project-based learning models for transition with personalized coaching sessions.

Modern Workplace Routines

With 1:1 support and coaching, teachers become experts in teaching digital literacy and behavior for today's workplaces. 



Every month, we offer teacher rewards for their commitment to increasing work-ready outcomes for all of their students. These rewards can support classroom initiatives such as Work Simulations or Classroom Social Economy.

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Download a Free Product Packet

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Download a Free Product Packet

Learn how our award-winning program works by downloading this product packet.