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Digitability is an innovative and comprehensive work-ready program empowering students with autism or other cognitive disabilities to graduate with a skills-based portfolio and the ability to self-advocate.

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The Digitability Model

Students have complex learning and behavior needs. The path to preparing them for today's modern workplace involves many moving parts. 

Digitability's curriculum prepares students with a work-ready portfolio and the social/emotional capacity to persevere. This helps people with neurodiverse needs overcome barriers to obtaining employment.

Digitability's data and reporting tools measure student efficacy and facilitator fidelity through SMART goals and objectives. We offer real-time usage data, a data dashboard, weekly emails on efficacy/fidelity, and progress reports.

Digitability aims to make all teachers feel comfortable with technology and evidence-based practices. Understanding the needs of teachers and their support staff, Digitability provides personalized support and training to all teachers and support staff.

Includes all of the resources you need to teach work-ready skills.

Every online lesson in the Digitability library is accompanied by a complete series of offline curriculum materials specifically designed for the wide range of needs for special education students.

All lesson plans are pre-written and differentiated for the teachers, while including S.M.A.R.T goals and objectives for Individual Education Plan (IEP) programming.

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Improve transition outcomes for all students with Digitability.

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Learn how our award-winning program works by downloading this product packet.