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Start Building Financial Literacy Skills on Day One

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Start building Finacial Literacy Skills on Day One  

We’ll be providing teachers with FREE resources. This week, you can download our Banking Responsibility Workplace Connection activities from our newest addition of financial literacy lesson plans.
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Teach money skills this year with Digitability!

Financial literacy skills are critical for independence. Bankability, the online virtual banking system by Digitability, will provide users with the experience of an online banking application. Bankability offers students the opportunity to make purchases, pay bills, and transfer money from checking to savings all from their online account. 

Use our sample activities to help students develop an understanding of the responsibilities that come with making their own financial decisions. Students will practice reviewing bill payments, purchases, and checking their accounts for any errors.
Access thousands of videos like this one within the Digitability Program.
In addition to basic banking responsibilities, students will also learn numerous workplace readiness skills in the following areas: 

Digital Literacy - Students will explore the functional skills that apply to online banking. Bankability provides students with an online banking experience allowing them to pay bills, make purchases, and manage their savings.

Social Skills - This practical, critical thinking activity, encourages a number of social skills such as following directions, defending your ideas, evaluating the claims of others, decision making and more.

Communication - Expressive and receptive language skills are strengthened as students answer questions about banking practices and support their reasoning. Resources are differentiated to accommodate a wide-range of communication and language needs.

Transition - Following the Digitability Work-ready framework, this Workplace Connection Activity provides students opportunities to collaborate with peers, problem-solve, and apply financial literacy skills.

Financial Literacy - Students can start developing initial financial literacy skills using our Banking Responsibilities Workplace Connection Activity. In this activity, students explore the importance of responsible banking practices.

Learn more about unlocking Digitability’s complete financial literacy program including Bankability, our new online banking system!

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Bring the complete Digitability Program to your school this year!

Digitability’s complete program offers an extensive curriculum that is modified for a wide-range of learning, communication and behavioral needs.
The Digitability program is also complete with:

Pre-written and scripted lesson plans

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