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Check Out New Features From Digitability

Check Out New Features From Digitability

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your vacation. Each summer, the Digitability team reviews all of the requests submitted by our teachers working across the country to identify how we can enhance our offerings and ensure that teachers have the tools they need to successfully teach and manage their classrooms.
We are happy to share some exciting new Digitability updates for the start of the 2021 school year!
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Virtual Banking now has even more tools for managing your classroom!

Bankability, Digitability’s online banking system, launched earlier this year, providing teachers with the tools to help students learn how to pay online bills, make virtual purchases, and manage their money using their online Bankability accounts. 

This year, teachers have access to even more features to teach real-world financial literacy.

We’re adding dozens of more lesson plans and resources that help students work toward financial independence. Check out FREE sample resources we shared in our last newsletter.

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Data Report for IEP Goals

Data and Progress Monitoring is easier than ever!

Bankability also provides a quick and easy way for teachers to capture the data they need to ensure students are making progress toward their goals. This year, teachers have even more automated data features to help create a full progress report with a click of a button. Reports now include annual goals in the area of financial literacy, workplace communication, and workplace behavior. All data aligns to our customizable IEP Goal Bank. 

Reports can be downloaded, printed or emailed on demand for sharing with the student, their family, or other team members.

lesson plan

New lesson plan design reduces planning and preparation time!

Our newly re-designed lesson planning materials are easy to navigate and already have the modified resources teachers will need to meet a wide-range of learning, communication and behavioral need. Now, the guidance on how to differentiate is accessible right in the lesson plan margin and includes a link to each modified supplement. Each supplement is available as a print-ready resource or a digital Google Doc template that can be shared.

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Bring the complete Digitability Program to your school this year!

Digitability’s complete program offers an extensive curriculum that is modified for a wide-range of learning, communication and behavioral needs.
The Digitability program is also complete with:

Pre-written and scripted lesson plans

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