Our platform enables your student to learn both the digital and life skills need to be included in our tech-driven workplaces.


"As a parent, I can tell you that Digitability is a rare find. I signed up for Digitability to give my child something that would engage him, but also teach him valuable skills. Digitability does this in a manner that keeps my son coming back for more! Plus, we can do it together, so I’m learning new skills too!"
-- Leslie Baretta, parent of an exceptional child

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Parents are the best advocates for their child. When you advocate for your child, you advocate for children everywhere.

As your child goes through our interactive curriculum, he or she will be learning everything from internet basics, to online safety, and eventually work their way up to creating a skill-based portfolio of their own.

You’ll always be in the know. Get notifications on your child’s progress. You can even add your child’s teacher and therapist to receive updates!

Filled with hundreds of lessons, the Digitability platform can be used at home, in therapy and in the classroom!

Your parent account with also come with a FREE sample of the Digitability Curriculum Differentiated Supplements.

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