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Immediate Feedback & Positive Reinforcement

During the Informal Assessment, and throughout the lesson plan, teachers use the Digitability Social Economy to provide Immediate Feedback and Positive Reinforcement of workplace ready behavior. 

When awarding dollars, teachers will consistently describe the behavior (participation) immediately following a students response. You will want to ensure that you are reinforcing every single instance of participation. This may feel excessive, but that's a good thing!

The formula for this is to repeat the answer + describe the behavior + deliver consequence.

An example of this would be, "Addie said The Internet is a computer network that connects people! Nice job earning a participation dollar." The teacher would then hand a dollar bill to Addie.

This will help strengthen the foundation for workplace behavior, self-advocacy, and self-regulation.

It is important to remember that we are reinforcing the behavior of participating and not having a correct answer. The goal is for students to be active participants in their work setting. Teachers may use differentiation and/or prompting techniques to assist students repeating the definition of the key vocabulary word and answering informal assessment questions.

In Level 2, students will learn new successful workplace behaviors such, on-task, sharing and following directions. As new behaviors are introduced, teachers will continue providing immediate reinforcement of successful behaviors while describing the specific behavior.

The same formula will be used, repeat the answer + describe the behavior + deliver consequence.

This may sound like, "Great job earning an on-task dollar...." or "Nice job! You've earned a following directions dollar..."

As student are earning dollars for their successful workplace behavior, the teacher or a support staff member will be using the Dollar Tracker to record student earnings. At the end of the lesson, the total dollars earned will then be assigned through Bankability in the corresponding behavior field.

This will compile all of a students data into their Student Report so that teachers can measure Workplace Behavior goals without any additional measures on their part.

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Connecting Positive Reinforcement to The Digitability Lesson Plan

In the classroom, educators use Digitability lesson plans to provide scripted positive reinforcement. These phrases are important as they help the teacher stay consistent, helping the student internalize the behavior they are being rewarded for each time.

Each Digitability Lesson Plan is Differentiated With Adapted Resources

Individuals who participate in the Digitability program run the gamut; therefore, to create an inclusive environment, all of our resources are extensively differentiated to support a wide range of learning and behavior profiles, from adolescence into adulthood.

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“As we lead our students into a tech-driven future, Digitability moves students closer to their career and life goals.”     

 -Jane Cordero, M. Ed., Secondary Special Education Coordinator at Hill-Freedman World Academy.