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Start Building Financial Literacy Skills on Day One

Start Building Financial Literacy Skills on Day One

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your vacation. Each summer, the Digitability team reviews all of the requests submitted by our teachers working across the country to identify how we can enhance our offerings and ensure that teachers have the tools they need to successfully teach and manage their classrooms.
We are happy to share some exciting new Digitability updates for the start of the 2021 school year!
lesson plan

Curriculum Updates

  • Redesigned lesson plans linked to all the print-ready and digital resources you may need.
  • All new Social Economy Lesson Plans designed to systematically introduce students to financial literacy through Bankability. 
  • Updated Work Simulation 1 lesson plans created to be explicit while delivering Transition services.
lesson plan updates
bankability teacher

Teacher Experience

  • Teachers are now able to see student account balances and overdue bills from their Bankability page.
  • Student reports have been redesigned to streamline the data-tracking progress toward IEP goals.
  • Reports now include annual goals in the area of financial literacy, workplace communication, and workplace behavior. 
Student List
bankability students

Student Experience

  • Students will notice their Bankability layout has been redesigned. 
  • Students who have “ungated” access to badges will now see a drop-down menu to help them navigate through the lessons more efficiently. 
Student experience
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Bring the complete Digitability Program to your school this year!

Digitability’s complete program offers an extensive curriculum that is modified for a wide-range of learning, communication and behavioral needs.
The Digitability program is also complete with:

Pre-written and scripted lesson plans

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