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Student Engagement: Guided Activity

During the Guided Activity, teachers increase the level of classroom participation and student collaboration by having students selected for completing the activity survey or question their classmates. This will further develop their social skills as they work to use expressive language, as well as increase task engagement for all students.  This increases student participation as well as identification of the vocabulary, and keeps students actively engaged in the lesson.

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Positive Reinforcement and Healthy Classroom Culture: Guided Activity 

Teachers can prompt their students to dance when the correct answer is selected, positively reinforcing their success as a class or team. Learn more


Immediate Feedback & Positive Reinforcement: Guided Watching 

Teachers distribute dollars to students who are attending and following directions by giving a thumbs up. Learn more


Literacy Support: Guided Activity

Teachers increase literacy of new tech and work-ready vocabulary, by creating a word wall. Learn more


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