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Literacy Support during the Guided Activity

Teachers increase students' literacy in new tech and work-ready vocabulary by creating a Word Wall and/or individual vocabulary binders in their classrooms. Each Digitability lesson plan includes a lesson badge and definition that are print ready and able to be displayed in a classroom.

Having a Word Wall helps build vocabulary, thereby improving reading comprehension and writing skills. It will also reinforce students’ understanding of subject-specific terminology with a focus on students internalizing key concepts. Visual supports, like a word wall, help students improve spelling. Having key vocabulary accessible in a classroom allows for students and teachers to embed those terms into lessons and conversations.

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Design your At-Home Word Wall...

Use this At-Home Word Wall Resource with your learner to reinforce concepts they are learning in the classroom...at home! Whether in formal writing activities/assignments that families give or during casual conversation throughout the day, reward your learner for their CORRECT use of these internet terms.

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Literacy & Language: Informal Assessment

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Expressive & Receptive Language for Workplace Communication: Exit Ticket

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Expressive & Receptive Language Development: Informal Assessment. 

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“As we lead our students into a tech-driven future, Digitability moves students closer to their career and life goals.”     

 -Jane Cordero, M. Ed., Secondary Special Education Coordinator at Hill-Freedman World Academy.