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Positive Reinforcement & Immediate Feedback

Positive Reinforcement & Immediate Feedback is streamlined throughout the entire Digitability program. As a recurring evidence-based practice embedded in every Digitability lesson plan, it drastically increases students' intrinsic motivation and also strengthens students' ability to attend to a task.

Furthermore, in tandem with the Digitability Classroom Social Economy, Positive Reinforcement & Immediate Feedback provides teachers with constant opportunities to award Digitability dollars, strengthening positive workplace behavior and teaching the basics of financial literacy. As students earn and spend money in the Digitability Classroom Social Economy, they are learning critical budgeting skills, as well.

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Using Positive Reinforcement and Immediate Feedback...in Action!

Digitability Lesson Plan Referenced Section: GUIDED ACTIVITY

During the Guided Activity, teachers can prompt their students to dance and/or celebrate when the correct answer is selected, positively reinforcing their success as a class or a team.

This creates a healthy classroom culture where success is celebrated and teachers reward their students for that peer encouragement with Encouragement Dollars. These, in addition to Participation (Level 1) and other types of dollars (Level 2 and beyond), lay the groundwork for building intrinsic motivation, self-awareness, and, ultimately, workplace behavior.

In the video above, Robert is seen being celebrated by his peers after correctly answering the Guided Activity comprehension question to earn his Participation Dollar.

Ways to Differentiate

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Improve transition outcomes for all students with Digitability.

Student Engagement:

Guided Activity

Teachers increase the level of classroom participation and student collaboration by having student volunteers lead the activity by surveying their classmates.

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Positive Narration:

Exit Ticket

When transitioning to the Exit Ticket or another activity, teachers use Positive Narration: “I like that way [student] is follow directions. Nice job staying on task and earning a dollar!”

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Positive Reinforcement & Immediate Feedback: Guided Watching 

Students earn Digitability dollars during Guided Watching by following directions and attending to the video by giving a thumbs up every time they hear a keyword/term.

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 -Jane Cordero, M. Ed., Secondary Special Education Coordinator at Hill-Freedman World Academy