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Inclusive Learning: Informal Assessment

Using a variety of Digitability Supplemental resources and methods of prompting to increase assistance, teachers include every student in their classroom. Every student has the opportunity to earn Digitability dollars and participate at their own level. 

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Ways to Differentiate

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Differentiation & Inclusion: Informal Assessment.

Teachers use differentiation throughout the Informal Assessment section to assess and include all students. Learn More


Differentiation & Inclusion: Exit Ticket.

Teachers can increase their use of supplemental materials to include all students in activities. Learn More


Increasing or Decreasing Assistance: Guided Watching.

During the Guided Watching, teachers adjust instruction based on student needs and comprehension. Learn More


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“As we lead our students into a tech-driven future, Digitability moves students closer to their career and life goals.”     

 -Jane Cordero, M. Ed., Secondary Special Education Coordinator at Hill-Freedman World Academy.