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Differentiation & Inclusion during the Exit Ticket

Teachers use Digitability's supplemental materials to include all students in all activities. Teachers can distribute modified resources to include every student in the Exit Ticket activity by referring to the lesson plan for ways to differentiate using Tiered resources. These resources can be selected based on student need and should be used to decrease or increase assistance over time based on individual student goals.


See a Teacher Using This Practice

In the video below, a Digitability teacher begins by introducing the Tier 1 Vocab Block Exit Ticket and clarifying directions. Then, you will see the Tier 2 Traceable that she utilizes with a particular student, chunking and having the student repeat the acronym for URL back to her. She then has that same student complete that Tier 2 Traceable.

Ways to Differentiate

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Five Types of Prompting: Informal Assessment.

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Differentiation & Five Types of Prompting: Warm-Up

Teachers use differentiation and prompting to increase expressive and receptive language abilities based on individual student levels. Learn more


Differentiation & Inclusion: Informal Assessment.

Teachers use differentiation throughout the Informal Assessment section to assess and include all students. Learn More


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