Digitability is a pre-employment transition program that prepares students for the tech-driven and highly social workforce.

Digitability teaches students work-ready skills so they can transition to their independence.We provide schools with differentiated lesson plans, an online platform, data reports, and teacher training. In return, special education students develop the work-ready portfolio and the social skills they need to be independent.

Our behavioral system and project-based tech curriculum make us the #1 pre-employment transition program!

Financial Literacy

Resume, Portfolio, & Interviewing

Technological Literacy & Online Safety

Workplace Communication & Socialization

Self-regulation for Behavior

Self-advocacy in the Workplace

Time & Task Management

Problem Solving & Flexible Thinking

How the Digitability Program & Curriculum Works


Real world work simulations

Real-world work simulations designed for generalization.


Professional development

One-of-a-kind capacity building for both students and teachers. 


Comprehensive Curriculum

Transition Curriculum provides solutions for academic, social and vocational goals and includes SMART IEP Goal Banks.


Personalized learning

All materials are differentiated for both behavioral and cognitive needs. 


Data reporting & analytics

One-click progress monitoring tools for student efficacy and teacher fidelity.


Behavior program

Use evidence-based practices to reinforces healthy behaviors, while extinguishing behaviors that are problematic in the academic, social and workplace settings. 


How it Works

Learn what our curriculum and online platform entails.


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