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Positive Narration: Guided Watching

Teachers use positive narration to increase time on task attendance and positively reinforce expectations of the given directive. By narrating immediately following a directive, and continuing to narrate throughout the lesson, teachers communicate that the directions are important. Positive Narration  supports a student's ability to build self-control and their sense of autonomy. When utilized effectively, consistently and equitably, students grow to recognize narration as the way in which the teacher thoughtfully and respectfully offers support, encourages excellence and extends opportunities to self-correct.

Using Positive Narration establishes, and maintains positive and productive classroom culture and climate. This methodology is an alternative to distributing consequences as the primary step in addressing off-task behavior. This practice is something introduced to teachers more thoroughly in Level 2 of Digitability

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Positive Narration & Reinforcement: Exit Ticket.

When transitioning to exit ticket or other activity, teachers use positive narration: “I like that way [student] is follow directions. Nice job staying on task and earning a dollar!” Learn More


Immediate Feedback & Positive Reinforcement: Warm-Up

Teachers use the Social Economy to provide Immediate Feedback and Positive Reinforcement of behavior. Learn More


Immediate Feedback & Positive Reinforcement: Guided Watching 

Teachers distribute dollars to students who are attending and following directions by giving a thumbs up. Learn more


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