Increasing Attendance to a Task

"It looks like you are listening!"

Helping students increase their attendance to a task

Increasing attendance is the effort to make the rate rise with participation and engagement within a classroom setting. The increase in attendance can be managed by using different techniques of teaching that seem to work the best in your students work environment.

Increasing attendance is essential in special education classrooms. Sustaining attention is one of our executive functions. The teacher in this video helps her students focus on completing tasks and becoming physically and and mentally engaged with the video.

Evidence-based Strategies:

How to set expectations for your classroom with evidence based practices:

  • The teacher asks her students to give a thumbs-up signal whenever they hear the key vocabulary word, demonstrating that they are actively listening.
  • To ensure focus and create a sense of urgency, the teacher introduces a time-bound activity. This is a goal or task that is measured or restricted by time; students will have a certain amount of time to complete the task.

Here are additional evidence-based practices and professional development opportunities to help student increase attendance to a task: