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Digitability Helps Me Write Meaningful IEP Goals and Monitor Progress

Digitability Helps me Write Meaningful IEP Goals and Monitor Progress

Written by L. Wnuk Ed.S, a Life Skills Teacher with nearly 15 years experience teaching in high school and middle school classrooms in Kansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and now in New Jersey.

One of the most difficult aspects of being a special education teacher has been developing appropriate annual measurable goals in a student's IEP and figuring out how I would effectively and efficiently measure their progress towards these goals throughout the year. One reason that it was so difficult for me, as a high school teacher, was because many of my students had a wide range of abilities, each with different classifications and needs, along with different schedules and classes. It made this task almost impossible. 

As a result, I always felt like I was coming up short, until I began implementing the Digitability program. As a teacher in the Life Skills Classroom, all of my students, regardless of their ability, had the same need: they all needed a transition goal that would help them prepare for their transition from school to employment. 

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Our school adopted Digitability for many reasons. Mostly, we wanted our students to gain real life skills that were practical and they could use in the workforce. The program has done wonders in helping my students gain technology skills, improve their ability to communicate via technology and learn everyday life skills. I knew going into it that the program would also help me as a teacher prepare effective and meaningful lessons and it has saved me tons of time on preparing these lessons, as Digitability has it all figured out for me.

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However, the unexpected benefit it has had on writing IEP goals and progress monitoring has been a huge relief and time saver. Using the program, I am able to pinpoint the specific skills areas where students struggle. As a result, I am able to write an IEP goal based on that skill. Digitability has taken the guesswork out of what goal is appropriate and what goal is needed for each individual student’s unique needs.

Furthermore, during class, my students are able to work toward reaching that specific goal. I no longer have to pull students out, or make different lesson plans for each student in order to monitor their progress towards their goal. Each student is able to work within the program. In their daily assignments and activities, I am able to monitor their progress towards their IEP goals in real time. I no longer have to stop teaching in order to monitor student progress!

Lastly, I am now more confident going into IEP meetings. Through using Digitablity, I am able to provide the Child Study Team and parents the concrete data to support their goals and progress. I feel like this program has given me the evidence and support that I need in order to be best prepared to advocate for each of my students in their IEP meetings.

Digitability has forever changed the way that I write IEPs, the way I progress monitor and how I conduct IEP meetings. It makes me wonder how I was ever able to get on with teaching before I had it! It has certainly been a game changer! 

Learn more about Digitability’s IEP Data and Reporting Features

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About Digitability

Digitability is an award-winning comprehensive life skills and transition curriculum that continues to be recognized as an innovative solution to the unemployment crisis facing a large — and growing — population of those with disabilities, such as autism, intellectual disability, Down syndrome and more. Students graduate with a work-ready portfolio and the skills to showcase their experiences, as well as a self-advocacy plan for any workplace. Teachers access an easy to use system that reduces planning and progress monitoring time.

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