FREE Webinar and Family Resources To Support Special Education Students At Home

Watch this Recording Of Our Live Webinar on Learn 3 Ways to Support Work-Ready Training At Home

Digitability hosted a webinar via our YouTube Channel to help teachers and families work together in supporting special education students that are home due to COVID, as well as when they return to the classroom. 


Topics Highlighted in the Webinar:

  • Overview of Digitability Work-Ready Program
  • Using Positive Reinforcement to Support Educational Goals such as Language, Task-Attendance and Social Skills
  • Establishing Boundaries to Develop Self-Regulation
  • Developing Workplace Behavior and Communication
  • FREE Resources to Support These Practices At Home and In the Classroom (included below)

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FREE Sample Digitability Resources Below

Digitability FAQ

If you missed our live webinar and/or the Q & A session at the end, we've got you covered with our FAQ Doc below. 



Digitability Program Pathway

Take a look at what's included in Digitability! Read how our comprehensive program prepares students to be work-ready!



Digitability Social Economy

Create an at-home or in the classroom social economy to provide structure, consistent positive reinforcement and opportunities to learn self-regulation.



Digitability Technology Vocabulary Word Wall

Use this simple resource to create a visual system for supporting expressive and receptive language development using common tech terms.



Setting Boundaries for Self-Regulation

Educators and Families can collaborate to establish boundaries and develop self-regulation skills using these tools. 



Already a Digitability School?

If your school is already using Digitability, your learner's teacher can share family engagement resources from their Digitability Teacher Resource Library. 



Teaching Workplace Behavior

While Digitability includes a variety of training activities to develop workplace behavior, these activities will focus on an exercise to practice giving and receiving feedback. 


About Digitability:

Digitability is an award-winning and nationally recognized transition curriculum and professional development model that partners with schools, community and government organizations, and employers across the United States to provide work-ready training for middle and high school classrooms supporting students with disabilities, as well as adults who have aged out of school. Through Digitability’s innovative Transition Curriculum, students with disabilities receive exposure to a variety of employment pathways and develop work-ready portfolios that they can use to pursue paid employment.

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