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Fireside Chat with Digitability's very own Michele McKeone, M. Ed.

Startup Grind Fireside Chat With Digitability's very own Michele McKeone

Digtiability's founder, Michele McKeone, M.Ed., was thrilled to share her story of launching Digitability on Startup Grind. Michele believed her students could do more than they were being prepared for in our tech-driven society.


In 2010, students in Michele's autistic support classroom competed against their neurotypically developing peers in a computer contest, placing third! As a teacher, Michele learned that if you set the bar high (and provide the right supports), your students will go beyond your expectations.


Utilizing the tools that became Digitability, students proved that they could indeed compete with their typically developing peers. The immense need for innovative training is what birthed Digitability into a scalable platform that is now educating students across the country.


"The moments that make me the happiest are when teachers who are implementing Digitability tell me, 'Digitability is showing me that my students can do so much more than I expected.' The way we think about workplace inclusion and the value of contributions from people with neurodiverse needs is changing. I am very grateful to play a role in this change."   

- Michele McKeone, M. Ed. Founder + CEO Digitability

Enjoy the full talk here.

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