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“Using Digitability has been awesome in my classroom! My students and l love how easy it is to navigate. We are particularly fond of how the students are able to earn money and develop Financial Literacy.”

- Adrienne Brown (PACE Classroom), Southwest Career & Technical Academy Clark County School District (Las Vegas, NV)

Classroom Social Economy in the Informal Assessment

During the Informal Assessment portion of a lesson, teachers use the Classroom Social Economy dollar system to incentivize students to participate by using the phrase “For a participation dollar…” These language cues are based on principles of behavior modification and will be the foundation for teaching a range of behaviors — both those deemed "successful" workplace behaviors and those that can be perceived as "problematic." Through the use of the Digitability Classroom Social Economy, students develop both self-regulation and self-advocacy by earning money for participation early in the program and, later, also "spending" money on behaviors we want to decrease.

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Differentiation Resources for Participation in the Classroom Social Economy

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Improve transition outcomes for all students with Digitability.

High Impact Strategies & Financial Literacy: Next Steps 

Teachers prompt students to write down how much money they have earned this session. Learn more


Immediate Feedback & Positive Reinforcement: Warm-Up

Teachers use the Social Economy to provide Immediate Feedback and Positive Reinforcement of behavior. Learn More


Inclusive Learning: Informal Assessment

Every student has the opportunity to earn Digitability dollars and participate at their own level.  Learn More


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“As we lead our students into a tech-driven future, Digitability moves students closer to their career and life goals.”     

 -Jane Cordero, M. Ed., Secondary Special Education Coordinator at Hill-Freedman World Academy.