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Activating Prior Knowledge in the Warm Up

During the Warm Up, it is important that teachers ask multiple questions, engage multiple students, and access the necessary prior knowledge from previous lessons and activities.

Digitability's entire model is design to build capacity incrementally. Therefore, each lesson builds off of previously taught skills and concepts. Students will also be asked to recall previous experiences in their community as they make connections between what is taught in the classroom and how it connects to their community or workplace.

Teachers can use differentiation and/or prompting to ensure that students of all abilities can participate in the lesson Warm Up.

A strong and engaging Warm Up sets the tone for the lesson and primes students to participate for the duration of class.

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Ways to Differentiate

Using Digitability's pre-made, differentiated resources, teachers can utilize resources from Tier 1, 2, or 3 to engage their students in portions of the lesson that access prior knowledge.

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