2024 Work Simulation Competition

2024 Work Simulation Competition

Triton Treats

Triton Regional High School
Runnemede, NJ

Job Transition class - SCMD/Life Skills program

Students in Ms. Dempsey's class are baking and selling dog treats to school staff. The overall goal is for students to be visible in the school community, while practicing baking/cooking, measuring, inventory, and customer service skills. Students work collaboratively with one another and with staff in order to accomplish this project. Staff are sent a form if they are interested in pre-ordering dog treats and then students create the dog treats according to that order. Students do not always have the same roles, but they do have defined roles to step into each time baking ensues! This gives them the opportunity to try their hand at different positions within the classroom company.

About the Digitability Work Simulation Program

Digitability believes that skills are best learned through real-world experience and application. That’s why Digitability created the Work Simulation Program: a complete curriculum that teaches work-ready skills in a hands-on way you won’t find anywhere else.

After choosing their classroom’s Work Simulation project, students are “hired” for jobs and begin practicing workplace behavior, managing tasks, using tech skills for independence, self-advocating, self-regulating and more. 

Digitability Work Simulations include Bankability, a virtual banking and workplace behavior program where students earn virtual dollars when they exhibit behaviors that will make them successful in the workplace and increase their independence. Using those dollars earned, students experience a modern banking app while learning the fundamentals of budgeting concepts such as earning, spending, and saving.

For more information about how you can bring Digitability’s award-winning program to your school or organization and join in with a Work Simulation Project of your own, click here.