2024 Work Simulation Competition

2024 Work Simulation Competition

Burn and Learn Candle Company

Gallatin County High School
Warsaw, Kentucky

High School and Transition

Students will be creating a candle company by using soy wax melts, recycled jars, and seasonal decorations. The class received a $2000 grant to purchase start up supplies. The end goal will be for students to sell the candles to keep the project running. Student roles consist of cleaning and organizing supplies,making candles, decorating jars, creating labels, and donating products on school events. Students will also take on roles outline in Digitability's Work Simulation of Project Manager, Copywriter, Multimedia Manager, and Web UI Designer. They have partnered with Ohio Valley Education Cooperative for this project.

About the Digitability Work Simulation Program

Digitability believes that skills are best learned through real-world experience and application. That’s why Digitability created the Work Simulation Program: a complete curriculum that teaches work-ready skills in a hands-on way you won’t find anywhere else.

After choosing their classroom’s Work Simulation project, students are “hired” for jobs and begin practicing workplace behavior, managing tasks, using tech skills for independence, self-advocating, self-regulating and more. 

Digitability Work Simulations include Bankability, a virtual banking and workplace behavior program where students earn virtual dollars when they exhibit behaviors that will make them successful in the workplace and increase their independence. Using those dollars earned, students experience a modern banking app while learning the fundamentals of budgeting concepts such as earning, spending, and saving.

For more information about how you can bring Digitability’s award-winning program to your school or organization and join in with a Work Simulation Project of your own, click here.