Coming to Life Skills Programs this year! Virtual, Online Banking with Digitability!

Coming to Life Skills Programs this year! Virtual, Online Banking with Digitability!

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Coming to Life Skills Programs this Year! Virtual, Online Banking with Digitability!

Digitability’s Social Economy is an evidence-based practice model that teaches workplace behavior, self-regulation and self-advocacy. Students earn a virtual currency in their Digitability Virtual Workplaces, teaching them to collaborate and practice vocational skills. 

student online banking

Now, using the New Digitability Virtual Banking Program, students log in to their Digitability Online Banking Accounts to pay bills and purchase rewards online using the virtual currency they earned.

budget sheet

Teachers can use Digitability’s Virtual, Online Banking System to create their own list of bills with due dates or choose from a menu of common rewards and preferred activities developed by other teachers.

Family guide

Parents can collaborate with their learner’s teacher, by providing at-home rewards or tracking virtual currency for behavior at home. 

Here’s what teachers are saying about Digitability’s Social Economy:

“Using Digitability’s Social Economy has helped my students work on their self-regulation skills and has increased their ability to attend to tasks. Also, they have become more verbal, eager to participate to earn their virtual Digitability Dollars.”  

- Courtney Johnston, Like Skills Classroom Teacher

“My students love earning money for participation. It has definitely become a very exciting part of the day.“

-Kristina Carmona, Autism Classroom Teacher

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