Video Series! Virtual Employment Skills

Training with Digitability

Video Series! Virtual Employment Skills Training with Digitability

Digitability's new mini series explores how Transition Teachers are implementing work-ready training in virtual, in-person and hybrid learning environments.

Mini Series Episode 1: Hybrid Work Simulation

Dana Steinwart, a 18-21 Transition Program Teacher, has completed Level 1 of the Digitability Work-Ready Program. Now she is planning to implement Digitability Level 1 Work Simulation project.

Mini Series Episode 2: Rethinking How Tech Skills Can Impact Students

Lauren describes the impact Digitability is having on her students during COVID and how these new tech skills will increase their transition outcomes. She is excited to launch her new Digitability Work Simulation project, which will enhance her existing school-based enterprise t-shirt business.

Mini Series Episode 3: Using Digitability during COVID and Into the New Year

Vocational Specialist and WorkAbility Coordinator describes Impact of increasing students’ ability to attend during remote learning and more.


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