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Google Calendar, a tool utilized hand-in-hand with Gmail, lets you stay organized, manage your time, create appointments, organize your tasks, and create events. An event is an appointment you can create in your Google Calendar, and many people utilize this and other features in Google Calendar in conjunction with Gmail.

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New Google Calendar Activities

Unit 18, Lesson 1: What is a Gmail Calendar?

Lesson Overview: Your Gmail account lets you use Google Calendars. Google Calendars let you stay organized. You can access your Google Calendars from any computer with internet access.

Unit 19, Lesson 1: Accessing Google Calendar

Lesson Overview: You can access your Google Calendars from the Gmail inbox by clicking the calendar link located above the Gmail search field. When you click on the calendar link, you will see your Google Calendars.

Unit 18, Lesson 3: What are Events?

Lesson Overview: An Event is an appointment you can create in a Google Calendar. When you create a new event, you should include a name for the event, start and end times, a location, and more.