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Digitability Teacher Highlight

Digitability teachers do an amazing job implementing our award-winning life skills and transition program. During Autism Acceptance Month, Digitability is highlighting a new outstanding Digitability teacher each week!

Eric Pagel Long

This Weeks Highlight

Eric Pagel   |  Wood-Granger Community School District
Type of Classroom: Vocational
Favorite Digitability Lesson:  Collaboration (Work Simulation)
Social Economy Rewards: Hats, legos, posters

Favorite Thing about Digitability: “My students and I have conversations about how the work they are doing prepares them for the workplace. The lessons afforded many jumping-off points for me to interject with examples that resonated with the students.

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Past Weeks Highlight

Goodwill Girls
Shannon Kelley   |  Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit
Type of Classroom: Skill Building Program
Favorite Digitability Lesson: Unit 1, Lesson 8 Icons and All of Unit 8: Popular Icons
Social Economy Rewards: Snacks, Gift Cards

Favorite Thing about Digitability: My favorite thing about Digitability is the highly structured routine of the system.”

Past Weeks Highlight

Russell Schwartz   |  Edison Township Public Schools 
Type of Classroom: Vocation and Learning Language Disability
Favorite Digitability Lesson: The whole Workplace Behavior Unit
Social Economy Rewards: Bathroom passes, free time, movie days, shopping in the school "Shoprite"

Favorite Thing about Digitability: "My favorite part of Digitability has been the discussion that the Workplace Behavior Unit has created. Students are discussing each lesson topic and how the behavior could affect them in a workplace environment. By having these regular discussions, they each gained a better understanding of how to properly behave in the workplace."

Velvette Williams Clark County School District
Velvette Williams   |  Clark County School District 
Type of Classroom: 18-21 Program Approach to Career Employment
Favorite Digitability Lesson: Work Simulation Lessons 3 and 4 - Standup and Wrap Up
Social Economy Rewards: Extended Break, Snacks, PACE Money (to be spent at student store)

Favorite Thing about Digitability: "The Work Simulation has been my favorite. We've been able to use the routines in our on-campus work. The stand up meetings really set the tone and expectations for the day,  and it makes the students and staff smile." 

About Digitability

Digitability is an award-winning comprehensive life skills and transition curriculum that continues to be recognized as an innovative solution to the unemployment crisis facing a large — and growing — population of those with disabilities, such as autism, intellectual disability, Down syndrome and more. Students graduate with a work-ready portfolio and the skills to showcase their experiences, as well as a self-advocacy plan for any workplace. Teachers access an easy to use system that reduces planning and progress monitoring time.

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