Shawn Stockman: Helping provide hope for families affected by Autism

Shawn Stockman: Helping provide hope for families affected by Autism

Holding the core belief that every child has unique abilities and gifts to share with the world, Micah’s Voice, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides hope and inspiration to families dealing with a diagnosis of autism. Through programs that provide education, awareness, emotional support and financial assistance for those in greatest need, Micah’s Voice empowers families and gives a voice to these special children so that they can enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Micah’s Voice was established by Shawn (Boyz II Men) and Sharhonda Stockman to help provide hope, financial resources and a sense of community for families affected by Autism.

Although research is very important, Micah’s Voice is focused on the present situation and has a deep concern for families dealing with Autism. One of the Stockman’s twin sons, Micah, was diagnosed with autism at an early age. Realizing the financial burden families experience, Micah’s Voice is looking to help support these families.

If you would like to donate, sponsor a family or join our community, please visit our join & support page. If your family is in need of support, please visit our apply for funding page.

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