What Skills Will Students Need to Sustain Employment Once They Obtain It?

It’s important that we, as educators, make the expectations in the workplace explicit so students can identify what behaviors will make them successful and what behaviors may be perceived as problematic in some settings.

Practice Workplace Behaviors in Mock Workplaces

Digitability’s Workplace Behavior curriculum delivers real-world employment skills training. Through each of the step-by-step, differentiated lesson plans, students identify the impact of specific workplace behaviors and then practice these behaviors in each classroom Work Simulation. 

For example, students learn how to increase their ability to collaborate, while also developing strategies to avoid pitfalls like arguing. As they work through each module, students become more aware of their behavior and communication needs and later, develop a personal self-advocacy plan for their future workplace.

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Access Workplace Behavior Sample Resources

Download this workplace behavior sample resource to learn how the Digitability program works for your teachers and special education students.

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Develop Self-Advocacy and Personal Finance Skills 

Digitability’s Social Economy helps students learn a combination of self-regulation and self-advocacy skills, while building financial literacy for independence. Students will earn and spend virtual money for the behaviors they exhibit, while learning to pay bills and make purchases.

Bankability, Digitability’s virtual banking system, allows students to experience a modern banking app while learning financial literacy and workplace behavior. Using Bankability, students manage their checking and savings accounts, pay bills, shop, and review their finances all from their online bank account. Teachers can customize classroom bills and rewards, run payroll, and approve purchase requests all from their Bankability dashboard. Students will receive a paycheck for their work complete with earned dollars for displays of successful workplace behavior and spent dollars for displays of problematic behaviors.

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About Digitability

Digitability is an award-winning comprehensive life skills and transition curriculum that continues to be recognized as an innovative solution to the unemployment crisis facing a large — and growing — population of those with disabilities, such as autism, intellectual disability, Down syndrome and more. Students graduate with a work-ready portfolio and the skills to showcase their experiences, as well as a self-advocacy plan for any workplace. Teachers access an easy to use system that reduces planning and progress monitoring time.

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