Work Simulation Competition Planning: Overview


You are ready to begin your Work Simulation Project with a chance to win BIG at our annual Work Simulation Project Competition! So what are your next steps?

What is the Work Simulation?

Through the Work Simulation, students will develop workplace routines, become an employee, participate in a performance review, and prepare their professional assets to be work ready for new employment. Teachers can work with their coach to customize the Work Simulation experience for each student. Through the Work Simulation Competition, students' hard work can be showcased and shared across the country. This also gives students an asset to showcase their skills to community partners, families, and potential employers. 

Tools for Success

The Digitability Program and its Work Simulations are designed to be flexible by providing a plethora of resources to utilize. You can work with your Implementation Coach to discuss the needs of your classroom and create a customized plan.

As you begin brainstorming your Digitability Work Simulation, remember that your Implementation Coach will be with you at every step of the way to help you plan, organize, differentiate and address any barriers to success.

Next steps

Download the Work Simulation Information Packet by clicking the button below. There you will find a checklist of next steps to complete to ensure your Work Simulation Project is up and running as soon as possible.