Digitability's Work-Ready Transition Program Improves Students' Disability Employment Outcomes

What is Digitability? (2-min video)

Available for both virtual and in-classroom environments! 

Digitability partners with schools, community organizations, and government agencies across the United States to provide digital literacy education and work-ready training for students with disabilities, as well as adults who have aged out of school. Our structured framework supports teachers in mastering the best, evidence-based practices to support effective, responsive and flexible instruction given the wide range of student needs, and we are the only scalable, STEM-focused work-ready and transition model recognized as an innovative solution to the unemployment crisis facing a large and growing population.

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Ensuring Workplace Readiness by Developing Workplace Behavior and Communication Skills through Digitability's Social Economy.

The Digitability Social Economy, an embedded Social-Emotional Learning Component using the best evidence-based practices, helps special education students be successful in and out of the classroom by teaching the following:

  • self-advocacy and social skills
  • self-regulation and problem-solving in the workplace
  • develops motivation, self-efficacy, empowerment, and expressive/receptive language.
Personal Teacher Training

Digitability Implementation Coaches Provide Individualized 1:1 Virtual and In-Classroom Support

Digitability Implementation Coaches support teachers’ professional development in utilizing evidence-based practices. Our Implementation Coaches listen to the barriers teachers describe and provide individualized solutions. In addition to access to Digitability's Evidence-Based Practices Library at all times through their Teacher Resource Portal, teachers receive the following:

  • Personalized Post-Training Call
  • Personalized Social Economy Call
  • Ongoing virtual support
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Introducing Virtual and In-Classroom Work Simulations and Employment Partnerships 

Digitability’s Workplace Partner Program is a network of real-world employers who support Digitability’s goal of preparing more people with disabilities for the workplace. As such, we will identify regional employers to support Digitability Work Simulations. Through these projects, students develop a work-ready portfolio that includes:

  • Online professional profile
  • Resume experience w/ real companies 
  • Practice applying for jobs
  • Resume and Interviewing skills 
  • Experience with performance reviews 
  • Online digital portfolio showcase

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