Learn About Digitability

Learn About Digitability

The only scalable, STEM-focused transition model

To increase transition outcomes for the special education population, Digitability is an interactive curriculum designed and developed by experts in the areas of special education, behavior and technology. 


Digitability is the first and only online learning system that systematically teaches essential and marketable digital and life-skills directly to students with autism and other special education classifications. 

Digitability currently serves all types of classrooms, including Autism, Life Skills, Multiple Disabilities, Emotional Support, SLD, Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH), Learning Support and others, all across the country.

Through Digitability, students develop the skills they need for today’s modern workplaces. Through our social games and other interactive work-ready activities, students develop expressive and receptive language abilities while simultaneously meeting functional academic and other IEP requirements. Digitability teaches the skills special education students need to learn and develop in order to achieve work-ready IEP goals addressing critical capacities such as social-emotional skill development, Workplace Readiness and Communication Skills, Financial Literacy, and more.

Digitability Materials can be used in both high and low incidence classrooms.

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