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for Clark County School District

Digitability Product Overview

Year 1 Professional Development Timeline

Sample Professional

Development Report

Digitability's Standards Alignment 

Research Narrative


  • Explore news on Digitability from MSNBC, CNET, and NPR, to tech-savvy outlets like TechCrunch, TED Talks, and Google's Startup Grind.
  • Check out the best, evidence-based practices for transitioning students to their independence through Digitability.
  • Learn more about the impact Digitability has on students, teachers, parents, administrators and more!

Level 1 Lesson Sample


Unit 1 Internet Navigator

Lesson 1 The Internet

Level 2 Lesson Plan Sample


Level 2 Intro Unit

Workplace Behavior

Lesson 2

Successful Workplace Behaviors

More Sample Level 2 Video Lessons

Level 3 Video Lesson Sample



Unit 23 Understanding Google Docs

(word processing)

Lesson 4

Using Google Docs Toolbar

Level 4 Video Lesson Sample



Unit 35 Collaboration in the Cloud

Lesson 1

What is Cloud Collaboration?