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Auditory Processing & Functional Workplace Behavior During the Exit Ticket

The overarching goal of the Exit Ticket (both Parts A and B) is to increase and strengthen students' expressive/receptive language skills. Once students present their Exit Ticket, their peers provide feedback on any number of areas: content, volume, eye contact, posture, etc. Each lesson plan includes differentiated resources to help facilitate this exchange.

Teachers then facilitate a process where students are asked to interpret and repeat the feedback they receive from peers using the phrase, “What I hear you saying is….” Here, the goal is to have students strengthen auditory processing and comprehension over time by attending to the language of their peers and then recalling the feedback when prompted.

Through strengthening auditory processing and comprehension, students will increase their ability to follow a multi-step directive, such as a task that may be verbally described in the workplace. These interactions also provide the opportunity for students to role-play workplace communication and social skills, all the while promoting positive and appropriate interactions among peers.

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