Learn these 3 Ways Schools are Teaching Social Skills & Workplace Socialization

On-Demand Webinar: 3 Ways to Use Facebook to Teach Workplace Socialization and Online Safety

Here's our recent webinar about teaching social skills to students with a cognitive disability, along with your free "Power of Words" supplemental materials from Digitability

According to Pew Research, people can earn 40% more per hour by learning social skills -- during this on-demand webinar, Michele McKeone, M. Ed., shows you 3 ways schools are using social platforms like Facebook to teach special education students social skills, appropriate vs inappropriate online behavior and how to connect with others on a professional level so they can become self-advocates.

As you can see, it's possible to generalize social skills using technology and curriculum right in the classroom, and to teach students the digital literacy required to successfully socialize online and during peer-to-peer exchanges.

Free "Power of Words" Supplemental Materials from the Digitability Program

Here's your free PDF of the "Power of Words" supplemental materials, which is part of Digitability's award-winning curriculum.

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