Digitability is Growing -- Come Join Our Team!

About Digitability

Digitability enables workplace inclusion for people with cognitive disabilities. Today, more than 70% of people with cognitive disabilities are employed. Digitability is the award-winning platform that teaches people with cognitive disabilities the digital skills they need to get jobs in our tech-driven society.

Digitability is an early stage education technology platform providing personalized training in digital literacy to students with a range of learning disabilities, including autism and Down syndrome.

In under two years of operation we have built an award­-winning online learning product and have successfully sold it into a number of public schools, private schools and service providers. We are now focused on scaling the business rapidly and you can help make this happen!

Current Opportunities to Join Our Team

We are hiring leaders as part of our strategic growth plan to bring Digitability into the hands of those who need it the most. You’ll be joining a group of people who are driven by a larger mission: to increase opportunities for individuals who have been traditionally marginalized.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, you’ll work in a great city known for its amazing food, historical significance and of course, Rocky. Philadelphia offers plenty of city life to enjoy, with a laid­ back vibe.

Jr. Developer -- Starts February 2017

We are seeking a Jr. Developer for immediate hire to help our team with new product requirements and maintenance responsibilities. To be successful in this role you will have professional experience in the following:
  • One or more server side scripting languages (PHP, Python, Ruby)
  • Client side coding standards (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Development use of MySQL
  • Production deployment experience using AWS products: EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk
  • Version control tools (SVN, Git)
  • Knowledge of video codecs and embedding videos in HTML

Experience in any of the following is preferred:

  • PHP
  • CakePHP Framework
  • JQuery
  • DBA experience in MySQL
  • AWS product experience in RDS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto Scaling, Cloudfront, Cloudformation
  • Design and deployment of large scale and distributed 3-tier applications
  • Scrum development
  • Software life cycle development tools and methodologies (test driven development, testing frameworks, monitoring, logging)

Number of openings: 1

To apply for this position please contact: info@digitability.com

Video and Motion Graphics Internship -- Starts May 2017

The Digitability Video and Motion Graphics Program is a unique opportunity to designed to give you a chance to work hands-on, with a dedicated and mission-driven organization. We’re looking for a summer intern to join us in delivering a service that will improve the lives of people with disabilities.

What you'll learn:
Working side by side with the Head of Creative Strategy, you’ll get hands-on experience in all aspects of the creative process. While many design program focused on physical disability, designing for people with cognitive disabilities like autism is a unique field and requires a special approach. Digitability’s one-of-a-kind application is the only program that provides such specialized training in the country; thus, providing a scalable solution to a large and growing problem.

Completing the Digitability Video and Motion Graphics Internship Program will develop your ability to think about design with an explicit and synthesized approach. You will gain unique insight into the nuanced cognitive and behavioral variations that people with disabilities often have and how to design with this population in mind.

Through trainings, assigned projects, and working with the Design, Sales, and Marketing departments, you will learn how to target specific audiences by design choices, and a whole bunch of other jargon to throw at your professors and classmates in September.

Who we are looking for:
Are you a college creative who is looking to flex your design muscles this summer? Are you interested in working on mission-driven projects in trendy co-working spaces? Are you detail oriented with highly-efficient organizational skills? If so, we want to work with you!

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