38th Annual NJ Autism Conference

38th Annual NJ

Autism Conference

Session A4 - Developing Work-Ready Portfolios in Virtual Environments

How to Prepare Students for Employment in a Modern Economy during COVID Presentation

Overnight, COVID impacted training opportunities at community-based instruction (CBI) sites due to current health risks. Meanwhile, schools are still responsible for meeting the requirements of IDEA and providing appropriate Transition Services.

This workshop features tools for delivering transition services and creating work-ready portfolios in both virtual and in-classroom settings. These projects are linked to common IEP goals for students with a wide range of cognitive, communication and behavioral needs in the same classroom.

As part of the portfolio development process, the workshop will model evidence-based practices that can be used to develop the social and emotional ability to self-regulate and self-advocate in learning environments that simulate “real world” workplace settings.

This helps students navigate workplace behavior and communication as well as master the interview process with a self-advocacy plan.

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