Anxiety & Self-esteem

Stephon McCoy

Stephon came into the Digitability program with low self-esteem. He was a person with selective mutism, who experienced anxiety and depression. Struggling with dysgraphia, Stephon also had low interest in writing, which impacted his academic performance.

Stephon was interested in hip-hop and music, videos and even had a secret hobby of free-styling. 

Digitability introduced Stephon to new online mediums which he could use to communicate and express his interests and ideas. Empowering Stephon with new digital skills helped him feel more confident when expressing his ideas. He maintained a blog, which sometimes included written lyrics to hip-hop songs he created. 

Stephon also learned how to create videos through Digitability's work-simulations and build a digital work-ready portfolio. 

Using his Digitability work-ready portfolio, Stephon found employment during his senior year of high school. Through his employment, Stephon learned that he loved to make things both digital and physical. 

Upon graduation, he enrolled in post-secondary technical training and obtained full-time employment. He is involved in a program where he trains others to develop the same technical skills he has mastered.

Digitability helped Stephon find his voice, discover his career interest, and self-regulate his anxiety. 

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