We all know the importance of health and wellness for the body and brain to perform at their peak. SPIRIT Club, founded by Jared Ciner in 2013, makes sure those with an array of physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities have the same access to being their best selves as their non-disabled peers.

While working as a counselor for those with developmental disabilities and also as a fitness trainer, Jared Ciner noticed something. Despite the universal knowledge that physical health and wellness are important for every human being, there was little to no access to fitness classes and instruction for the disability community. Immediately, Ciner hired trainer Sam Smith, a marathoner and self-advocate with autism, to help him build SPIRIT.

SPIRIT Club offers an array of exercise options, including yoga and self-defense,  all of which provide the additional benefit of an engaging social environment where those with developmental delays and communication challenges can improve those skills in a safe, supportive, and healthy way.

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