How to Use Differentiated Instruction in the Special Education Classroom

Free Special Education Professional Development Resource: Differentiated Instruction Examples

As you know, each person with a cognitive disability is able to learn in their own unique way, which makes using an evidence-based practice like differentiated instruction a powerful way to transform your special education classroom into an inclusive learning environment.

Effectively using differentiation in your classroom does require some professional development, which is why Digitability is making available a free resource with differentiated instruction examples for special education [below].

Before you download the free resources watch this quick live example of differentiated instruction in an autistic support classroom

This quick video takes you inside an autistic support classroom to see how teacher Dawn Geiger uses differentiated instruction to address the varied academic, social and emotional needs of her students.

Free Differentiated Instruction Examples for Special Education

This professional development PDF contains a number of real differentiated instruction examples and usable resources from the Digitability program, just like schools across the US are using in their special education classrooms.

Download My Free Differentiated Instruction Examples

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