Digitability is a State of Pennsylvania Approved Pre-employment Transition Program that Provides Work-ready Training to Pennsylvania Schools

Digitability provides an innovative training model that fully prepares students for our tech-driven and highly social workforce.

For the last six years, the Digitability model has been recognized as an innovative solution to the unemployment crisis facing a large and growing population, and has been featured on MSNBC, CNET, NPR, TechCrunch and showcased at Silicon Valley's Social Innovation Summit.

Digitability develops a sense of empowerment and the ability to persevere; this is helping people with neurodiverse needs overcome existing social and attitudinal barriers to obtaining and sustaining employment.

If you’re a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, School District Transition Coordinator, Intermediate Unit Director, or Other Special Education or OVR Administrator, you can request a free demo of Digitability.

Learn more about bringing Digitability's Work-ready Skills Training Program to Students

Use the form on this page to learn more about bringing Digitability to students who have special education needs, ages 14-21.

We look forward to helping you increase employment for people with disabilities and to increase neurodiversity in the workplace.

On Digital Skills and Digitability, Dr. David Mandell says:

"The labor market for all people, including people with autism is changing dramatically. Digital savvy and digital literacy are going to be increasingly important.

Digitability gives schools an opportunity to provide support to high school students with autism in a way they wouldn't be able to otherwise.

If our expectation is that people with autism will have opportunities available to them to fully participate in their community, to be gainfully employed, to have meaningful life experiences then digital literacy is a critical component to that."

-Dr. David Mandell, Sc.D., Director, Center for Mental Health Policy and Services, University of Pennsylvania

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