Digitability is committed to improving work opportunities for special education students here in Philadelphia

Consider these statistics:

  • In Philadelphia, there are about 30,000 students receiving special education services -- that's about 20% of the School District population.
  • The data on national averages for employment for this population is less than 30%.
  • One study found that at least 37% of incarcerated youth were eligible for services under IDEA (Special Education).

We would love to hear your ideas on how we can prepare more at-risk and special education students in our city.

Please use the form on the sidebar to share how Digitability can help your child, student, school, or organization in Philadelphia. Or if you're someone who advocates for people with disabilities or workplace diversity in Philadelphia.

Things to know about Digitability:

  • Digitability is can provide free services to students who are ages 14-21 with a disability in Philadelphia.
  • Digitability provides award-winning work-ready training for a tech-driven and highly social workplace.
  • Digitability has already demonstrated the potential to flip the 70% unemployment statistic, by turning 70% of these students into tax paying citizens with 21st century work skills, who will also bring diversity to the workplace.