Digitability Launches a Pilot in the #1 School District in Kansas


About the Digitability Pilot Launch Event at Blue Valley North

It all started with a parent ... The pilot launch of Digitability’s Work-Ready Skills Training Program at Blue Valley North all started with a parent of a student with neurodiverse needs.

Blue Valley Unified School District is the #1 rated school district in Kansas, and after our demo with the team at Blue Valley North we decided to quickly launch a pilot of Digitability. 

Digitability also met with corporate stakeholders in nearby Kansas City, like Sprint and Hallmark. One of the purposes of our meeting was to learn more about Sprint and Hallmark’s neurodiversity efforts and their specific workforce needs. These early conversations focused on the positive impact of employing people with neurodiverse.

You can read the whole expanded story of pilot launch event here

What is Digitability? Digitability is a pre-employment and transition work-readiness training program that prepares students with marketable tech skills while building social/emotional capacity needed to gain and sustain employment in our tech-driven and social economy.

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"Opportunity to succeed"

“Digitability is a perfect example of what can happen when outstanding educators, parents and community partners join efforts to ensure innovative technology and enlightened attitudes provide more students the opportunity to succeed in today’s marketplace.”

-Karen Embry, parent of a student with neurodiverse needs at Blue Valley North High

"The atmosphere is fun and positive"

"My first Digitability lesson started today and it was a huge success! The students enjoyed earning dollars and they liked the information they learned as well! The atmosphere is fun and positive. I have 3 paras and 4 peer tutors assisting.  They all commented that it was a lot of fun and they are glad to be a part of it! Yay!"

-Dana Steinwart, Special Education Teacher, Blue Valley North High

"The future is clear"

“The future for Digitability, Blue Valley USD, and state of KS is clear. For this partnership, our key focus is on building an ecosystem of educators, employers, government stakeholders to change the status quo of staggering unemployment among people with cognitive disabilities, beginning in the Kansas City area.”

-Michele McKeone, founder and CEO of Digitability

Event Photos

The Blue Valley team ... Julie, Laura, Carol, Dana, Randi, Karen, and Michele from Digitability

It was wonderful to visit Hallmark to learn more about their neurodiversity efforts and workforce needs

Digitability's Kayla and Michele are joined by Karen at Sprint's headquarters in Kansas City.

During training for Digitability's Work-ready Skills Program everyone gets in involved 

Training day at Blue Valley North High School ... here, we're covering workplace simulations

It was encouraging to see an organization like Hallmark share their core values that align with Digitability's

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