37th Annual Autism Conference

 37th Annual Autism Conference

About the Digitability Presentation

In our technology-driven society, how can we shape student interests into marketable skills while developing their social and emotional capacity for independence?

Digitability CEO Michele McKeone recently led an interactive workshop at the 37th Annual Autism Conference at Harrah's Waterfront Conference Center in Atlantic CIty on Friday, October 18th. After highlighting the seismic shift that is occurring as it pertains to the employment landscape for people with disabilities, Michele modeled the best evidence-based practices and other methods of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) embedded in Digitability that help prepare students with autism and other cognitive disabilities for the workplace. By modeling and using the Digitability Classroom Social Economy participation dollars, Michele was able to help participants and attendees understand the foundational practice of establishing motivation, which ultimately helps students develop self-awareness and appropriate workplace behavior.

Curriculum Breakdown

Digital Literacy & Safety (700+)

Appropriate Sharing Behavior

Communicating Online

Applied Tech Skills

Advanced Tech Skills

Functional Academics (100+)

Financial Literacy

Reading, Writing, Math

Executive Functions

Social/Emotional Needs (200+)


Workplace Social & Communication Skills


Flexible Thinking

Time on Task Attendance

Workplace Connections (600+)

Problem Solving

Resume Writing

Interviewing Skills

Digital Portfolio

Real-world Workplace Projects

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