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Independent Practice with Digitability

Workplace Connections

Independent practice assignments in Digitability should also follow workplace policies. For example, students can earn a Following Directions Dollar for each assigned badge they unlock. However, unlocking more badges than assigned means that they did not follow directions. This will result in being fined and spending a Not Following Direction Dollar for each badge not assigned that was unlocked. Teachers can check student reports under the “Students” tab to see what lesson they are on.

Unlocking a Badge Following a Lesson

One way to assign independent practice is to have students earn their badge right after a lesson. Following Part B of the Exit Ticket, teachers can set a boundary for students to unlock the badge that they earned as a class during Guided Activity.  Students will log in to their accounts, complete the assigned badge, and earn a “participation dollar” for unlocking the badge.

Unlocking Badges on a Later Day

Teachers may also choose to assign students independent practice on another day. Teachers may teach several lessons before having students log in to their own accounts and unlock badges for content previously taught. For example, if a teacher completes a Digitability lesson Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they may choose to have students log on to their accounts on Wednesday to unlock badges for all three lessons taught that week.

Assigning Badges as Homework

Additionally, teachers may assign independent practice as homework. Again, it will be important to set boundaries with students so that they only unlock badges for content that has been taught. Students may log on for homework and unlock a badge for a lesson taught that day or several lessons that have already been explicitly taught. Students can earn a “following directions dollar” for each assigned badge they unlock. Unlocking more badges than assigned will result in being fined and spending dollars. Teachers can check student progress to see how many lessons they complete.

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