Digitability's 2024 Work Simulation Competition

Digitability is excited to announce the Work Simulation Competition for 2024 where teachers can win cash prizes for their classrooms! Teachers are able to submit their projects for the work simulation competition held annually across the nation. AND, this year we are DOUBLING the cash prize amounts for each winner! Throughout the work simulation, teachers are able to compile assets to showcase their students’ new found skills, and students are able to share their projects with their community and add it to their Digitability Work-Ready portfolio.

Each school year presents another opportunity to strengthen student portfolios and workplace readiness training through each Work Simulation experience, and we know the projects for the 2024 Work Simulation are going to enhance student experience all across the nation. With project ideas from coffee carts to a domestic maintenance training website to increase at home independence, the possibilities for your Work Simulation project are endless. Click the button below to contact your coach today to get started!