Digitability School-Based Enterprise


Digitability creates and manages school-based enterprises to provide transition and work-ready training for students.

Digitability is helping schools across the country create or enhance their school-based businesses by providing a complete system to build and manage all business processes. 

Whether schools are currently implementing virtually, as a hybrid program, or in the classroom full time, Digitabitliy can customize all training and resources to these environments. Check out just a few examples of how schools are thinking outside the box with Digitability. 

Contact us to learn more about how Digitability can support your district’s school-based business and provide all resources needed to manage the process.

Examples of Digitability School-Based Enterprises


Milpitas Unified School District  |  California  |  18-21 Program

School-Based Enterprise: Novelty Sales

Last school year, students created handmade clay pots. These pots were then filled with succulents and sold to staff and the community. Digitability is supporting the implementation of this district’s business. Digitability students design their own company website through Digitability Work Simulation projects and learn to promote their business, showcase inventory  and process online orders. 

**Schools can also incorporate travel training for school-based delivery services that require students to travel off-campus.

Edison - Coffee Business - LLD

Edison Township Public Schools  |   New Jersey  |  High School Learning-Language Disabilities Classrooms (LLD)

School-Based Enterprise: Coffee Cart Business

Throughout the school year, students run their coffee business, Java Lounge. Previously, students wrote out orders and then delivered the orders to teachers. Digitability students create an online ordering system, where they will learn to manage and fulfil orders and provide customer service in a variety of cafe job roles. During COVID, students begin building their business processes, as they get hired for jobs, and receive their initial training virtually. Once students are back in the classroom, they will be able to sell and deliver their coffee, while learning new social media skills to market their business to the school and community.

Baldwin - 3D Printer - High School Life Skills

Baldwin-Whitehall School District  |  Pennsylvania  |  High School Life Skills Classroom

School-Based Enterprise: Maker Studio with 3D Printing

This year at Baldwin, student’s are beginning a new business with their 3D laser printer. Students will be able make custom orders for wood, glass, leather, and more. During their first Digitability Work Simulation, students at Baldwin will build a website to support their 3D laser printing business. Students will be able to display available inventory, showcase past designs and take online orders.

Souderton Dog Biscuits

Souderton Area School District  |  Pennsylvania  |  18-21 Program

School-Based Enterprise: Culinary - Dog Biscuits

Students at Souderton have started a dog biscuit business this year. Digitability’s Work Simulation will give students the tools they need to run their culinary business online. Students are designing and creating a website to support their dog biscuit sales. Students plan on updating their website regularly to promote their seasonal and holiday sales.

Blue Valley Unified School District

Community Partner Business: Giving the Basics

In their current Digitability Work Simulation, students are organizing and managing inventory between their school district and a local non-profit organization. Students receive supply requests from schools within their district. They then coordinate with the non-profit to make sure that the supplies are delivered to the schools.

Burlington County Poshmark

Burlington County Special Services School District |  New Jersey |  18-21 Program

School-Based Enterprise: Poshmark

As part of their on-campus learning lab, students sell clothing items on Poshmark. Digitabiltiy’s Work Simulation will allow students to manage inventory, standardize procedures, and create training videos. The website and resources created during student’s Work Simulation can then be shared as new students join the learning lab so that the process remains consistent.  

Contact us to learn more about how Digitability can support your district’s school-based business and provide all resources needed to manage the process.

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