Preparing Special Education Students for Employment in a Modern Economy During COVID

Delivering Transition and Work-Ready Training in Virtual, In-Classroom and Hybrid Environments

Overnight, COVID impacted training opportunities at CBI sites due to current health risks. Meanwhile, schools are still responsible for meeting the requirements of IDEA and providing appropriate Transition Services. To support students during these uncertain times, Digitability is providing a plug and play model for virtual instruction with minimal training for teachers across the United States.

In collaboration with Pennsylvania's Career Ready State Project, Digitability hosted a live, YouTube webinar to showcase ways school districts can support transition services in virtual, in-classroom and hybrid environments.

Delivering Transition & Work-Ready Training in Virtual, In-Classroom and Hybrid Environments (50 min)

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Webinar Topics Include:

  • Overview of Digitability Work-Ready Program
  • Virtual & In-Classroom Work Simulation Project Topics
  • Virtual Classroom Instruction Examples by Digitability Teachers
  • Developing Workplace Behavior and Communication
  • Establishing Boundaries to Develop Self-Regulation and Self-Advocacy

Webinar participants will receive FREE samples of Digitability's Virtual Resources and Transition IEP Goals.

Learn More About Digitability (2 min):

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Digitability FAQ

Check out common questions about Digitability's Work-Ready Program. 



Digitability Program Pathway

Take a look at what's included in Digitability! Read how our comprehensive program prepares students to be work-ready!



About Digitability:

Digitability is an award-winning and nationally recognized transition curriculum and professional development model that partners with schools, community and government organizations, and employers across the United States to provide work-ready training for middle and high school classrooms supporting students with disabilities, as well as adults who have aged out of school. Through Digitability’s innovative Transition Curriculum, students with disabilities receive exposure to a variety of employment pathways and develop work-ready portfolios that they can use to pursue paid employment.

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