digitability-program-logo-vector EBP: Immediate Feedback

EBP: Immediate Feedback

Delivering immediate feedback to increase engagement and motivation.

Immediate Feedback is a method to encourage and motivate for your students in a classroom setting. You will need to deliver immediate feedback constantly.  As students are preparing for their transition to independence, it is essential that your classroom is transformed into a work environment. You use immediate feedback once you have established expectations and boundaries for the classroom workplace.

How to engage your students using immediately feedback:

Using a consistent verbal formula to communicate and reinforce expectations, will help students develop self-regulation strategies. Below are some examples:

 “[Student name] + [behavior] + [consequence] + [reward/replacement behavior].”

Yes, Marcus! A URL is a website address. Nice job earning a participation dollar.”


 “[Student name] + [behavior] + [consequence] + [reward/replacement behavior].”

Marcus, that’s an interruptions. Interruptions cost $1. Next time, wait to be called on to give your answer and earn a dollar.”

In this video, the uses immediate feedback along with positive reinforcement. The teacher uses a verbal formula and includes the consequence of earning a participation dollar immediately after a desired behavior is displayed.

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